Miraculous escape for family of seven

The wooden house that partially collapsed Monday morning.

MIRI: A 33-year-old man and his six other family members, including his two-day-old son, miraculously escaped unhurt when their wooden house at Kampung Pasir, Lutong partially collapsed on Monday (July 12) morning.  

Recounted the shocking incident, Muhammad Ismail Abdullah told New Sarawak Tribune at the scene, “It happened around 11am when all of us, including my 63-year-old mother, were in the house. Suddenly, I heard a loud cracking noise.” 

Fearing that the house might collapse, he immediately told his family to run out.

His quick-thinking saved his family because moments later, the house wall and floor gave way. 

“We managed to escape in the nick of the time,” said Muhammad.

A team of firemen from Lopeng fire station led by Mohd Hamdani Madon was despatched to the scene.

Currently, while waiting for any assistance, the family is taking shelter at Muhammad’s sister’s house nearby.

Muhammad (left) looking hopelessly at his partially collapsed house.
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