Floods in Baram have forced four schools to close down.

MIRI: Several areas in Miri including Beluru, Marudi and Telang Usan are still affected by floods.

The floods forced four primary schools in Marudi to close on Monday (Sept 14).

The affected schools were SK Long Bemang, SK Long Lenei, SK Long Sobeng and SK Long Loyang.

According to Miri District Civil Defence Force (APM) officer, Captain Usman Harto, continuous heavy rains in these areas in the past few days have caused the Baram River to overflow and inundate low lying areas.

In Beluru District, seven longhouses, one health clinic and one primary school have also been hit by flood waters.

The flood water caused SK Long Sobeng to close down. 

At Rumah Unsam Ancha, Rumah Kalong Goh, Rumah Mathew Sigat, Rumah Kajan Sigeh and Rumah Ugak Kalang, the   flood water has risen to three feet. 

At Rumah Manggi Adam and Rumah Dullah Tawas, the flood water is four feet high.

In Marudi, SK Long Lenei was closed on Tuesday because the water level was still high.

“Telang Usan, SK Long Bemang and Kampung Long Bemang are still inundated,” said Usman.

Long Bemang has been inundated since last weekend and the school was closed today due to the flood.

It was reported that several more villages along the Tinjar River have also been hit by floods.

Despite the rising flood water, there is no evacuation so far.