Miri Hospital conducts fire drill to test emergency readiness
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MIRI: Miri Hospital successfully conducted a fire drill with Lopeng Bomba (Fire and Rescue Department) at its blood bank, Pathology Department here on Tuesday (May 17).

At 8.57am, a Code Red notification was announced by the customer service officer after the fire alarm at the hospital went off at 8.50am.

The medical team under the Fire Action Plan treated the victims, who suffered from breathing difficulties due to inhaling thick smoke, after they were rescued at 9.21am.

Then at 9.40am, Bomba confirmed that the situation was under control and the hospital was asked to stand down.

The hospital said the objective of the drill was to prevent any accident and reduce the risk of property damage.

It added that the training provided exposure and knowledge to staff in dealing with fire threats.

“In this regard, the management of Miri Hospital made a post-mortem and implemented any improvements from all aspects, including strengthening the effectiveness of the existing Fire Action Plan.

“Such training is implemented every year according to the existing policy to increase the readiness of Miri Hospital staff and to streamline work with other departments when faced with the real situation.”

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