Miri records 177 positive cases

Miri city
Miri Resort City. Photo: Sarawak Tourism Board

MIRI: Miri has reported 177 positive Covid-19 cases, of which 160 cases or 90.4 percent of the total cases were reported in Subis district, followed by Beluru (10) and Miri (seven).

The Miri Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) stated, today, most cases in Subis are from the Mega Suai cluster, detected among workers and their families in an oil palm plantation.

It said the cluster is under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) since July 31. As of August 5, a total of 362 people were tested and were put into quarantine and wearing surveilance bracelets.

“Out of 362, 201 tested positive for Covid-19 including the index case, 142 tested negative and 19 still waiting for the test results.

“From 201 positive cases, 19 of them are local while the other 182 are foreigners comprise legal immigrant and illegal immigrant,” said the committee.

“Following the increased of positive cases among plantation workers, Miri DDMC would like to remind the plantation management to enforce the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in plantations and to be complied by the workers.

“The management also need to ensure its workers have been vaccinated,” said the committee.

Apart from that, eight positive cases in Beluru are close contact cases from the Jambatan cluster and one positive was a close contact case from a longhouse under EMCO.

All cases in the Beluru district were ordered to be in quarantine and wear surveillance wrist bracelets.

In the district of Miri, all seven positive cases recorded are comprise of two close contact cases which were ordered to be in quarantine and wear wrist bracelets.

“One was a symptomatic case, one case was from a screening test and three Import A cases coming in from Indonesia. An active case detection is conducted for close contact” it said.

It added all positive cases were admitted at Miri Hospital and Covid-19 quarantine and low-risk treatment centre (PKRC) for isolation and treatment.