Miri records 25 cases

MIRI: A total of 25 positive Covid-19 cases was reported in the division on Sunday (Aug 22).

From the total, 14 were from Miri district, followed by Subis (nine) and two from Beluru.

As of today (Aug 22), Miri Division has six active clusters, namely Lunyim Cluster (186 cases), Tembok Cluster (410 cases), Lemua Bridge Cluster (26 cases), Mega Suai Cluster (244 cases), Sungai Menok Cluster (31 cases) and Jalan Lembah Hijau Cluster (66 cases).

The latest cluster reported in Miri Division is the Jalan Lembah Hijau Cluster which is a community cluster that was detected involving several families living in Kampung Lopeng Tengah and Kampung Wireless in Miri District.

The index case (Case 84,394) was a 34-year-old local man from Kampung Lopeng Tengah who tested positive from a symptomatic screening at Miri Hospital. 

All close contacts identified from this cluster have been given a quarantine order and attached with wristbands at the quarantine centre. 

Today a total of 222 individuals have been screened, of which 66 tested positive including index cases, 100 tested negative, and 56 are still awaiting screening test results. 

All positive cases were admitted to Miri Hospital and the Covid-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centre (PKRC) in Miri. Active case detection is also underway.