Miss Grand S’wak 2019 :Julie Minele Senele

Pageantry has become a set value and platform for those who participate to not only showcase their beauty, but rather to achieve goals set as they entered the pageant.

Recently, Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 was concluded after months of state-level competitions prior to the main event. The city of Miri was chosen to be the venue, the final stage of Miss Grand Malaysia (MGM) saw a burst of talents and wits among the contestants.

As the night of April 28 grew older, the crowd grew anxious with curiosity. The contestants were judged in several criterias, including a nail-biting question and answer session.

While the Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 title goes to Sabah Mel Dequanne Abar, Sarawakian representative Julie Minele Senele was among the top 5 winners. As Miss Grand Sarawak 2019 title holder, the 20-year-old Julie managed to make Sarawak proud in the finals.

She also won the subsidiary title of Miss Elegance during the MGM pageant.

Julie, an Undergraduate of Resource Chemistry student shared that she had joined the pageant as she perceived it as a platform to be a spokesperson for Sarawak.

New Sarawak Tribune reached out to the Bidayuh Selako lass to get to know the state’s current reigning Miss Grand Sarawak 2019.

The top 5 contestants on stage during Miss Grand Malaysia 2019 held at Miri. Julie is standing most right, clad in a yellow toga slit dress.

Julie (fourth from left) during the state level Miss Grand Sarawak 2019 posing for a photo with her mock cheque and flowers.

Your MGS/MGM advocacy

Self esteem and body image. People may see this as a simple issue and nothing important, but if we look at it deeper, it is a big problem involving women which rooted from a self-critical women. The victims themselves are mainly women, they can never fight against violence if they themselves are insecure and doubting their own strength. Therefore, I stand to empower and educate self-love to nurture a stronger women community.

What did you learn throughout?

I learned that beauty shall come with a voice. The exposure to public and the community has really shown me that it is time to give back.

How did it change you?

I feel that it is my responsibility to improve the community be it in social work and charity. I am a part of the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society organisation. Hence, every Wednesday I’ll entertain the kids at the hospital before they go for their medical appointment. I am also volunteering for Go Bald 2019 as the production team.

How can pageantry benefit the society?

As the fame comes along with the title, we can use this opportunity to spread peace, love and educate the community on our advocacy.

What does it mean for you to wear the crown?

For me, with the crown comes responsibility, to be the role model for youth, to represent the country well and to give back to the community.

Future plans?

For the time being, I will give full attention to my studies while preparing myself for the bigger stage. Maybe not in the soonest        of time, but still, slowly but surely.

Miss Grand Malaysia Organization (MGMO) is responsible for organising the national pageant in Malaysia as awarded by Miss Grand International Organisation to the license  holder, Introducing Talent Sdn Bhd.

MGMO aims to provide opportunities and platform for young Malaysian women to pursue their careers and at the same time become the relevant voice of the future carrying MGI’s vision and mission to society in the country.