Missing elderly man found safe

Chia (left) was found safe by his family in a forest about 3km from his home.

KANOWIT: An elderly man reported missing on Thursday, was found safe and well by his family members today (July 16).

The victim identified as Chia Li Tung, 72, had failed to return home in Sungai Lukut after he went out to look for wild mushrooms.

A spokesperson from the State Fire Department operations centre said Chia was found around 3am by his family.

“The victim was found in a forest about 3km from his home. He was safe but tired.

“Firemen from Kanowit station who were alerted of the incident, rushed to the scene to ensure that the victim is well and provided a health check-up,” the spokesperson said.

Following Chia’s discovery, the search and rescue (SAR) operation was called off today.

Last Thursday, Kanowit fire station received an emergency call pertaining to the incident around 10pm.

According to the victim’s neighbour, Chia left his home around 7am to look for mushrooms in a nearby forest. However, he did not return home by nightfall.

It prompted the family, neighbours and rescue authorities to initiate an early search for the victim around the forest area within a 50-metre radius from the main road.