SIMANGGANG: An elderly man who was reported missing on Monday was found 1.2 km away from his longhouse, at Kampung Engkeramut on Tuesday (Sept 15).

He was found by firefighters around 8.50am.

The State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) said in a statement that Tipu Mukan, 82, was found on Tuesday, the first day of search and rescue (SAR) operations that begun at 10.13pm.

“He was found alive and well within 1.2 km metre radius from his residence, and was escorted back safely to Rumah Spencer longhouse,” the statement said.

According to family members, the victim went out for a walk in his plantation located 200 metres away from his house.

His nephew saw him collecting palm seeds and told the victim to return to the house. When he failed to return home, his family decided to search for him. Following a fruitless search, they notified Bomba.

Village sources said the victim had previously gone missing twice in July, but was found safe not far from the longhouse.