Missing fisherman found in weak condition

Rescuers providing first aid and food to a weak Jimbun after he was found.

BETONG: Jimbun Mawas, 46, went fishing at an oil palm plantation in Sukong on Saturday (June 26).

The next day at 7.30am, he contacted his wife to inform her that he had lost his way in the oil palm plantation around Bukit Bulo.

Firemen from the Betong station rushed to the scene to commence a search and rescue operation after receiving a distress call about the missing man around 9.25am that day.

Betong fire chief Vincent Baling Yabi said the operations focused on a creek, around the location of the victim’s motorcycle and around the area where there were sightings of broken twigs.

The search within a 500m radius was also conducted at the area where Jimbun last called his wife.

Yesterday, Vincent said Jimbun was found in a weak condition around 3.15pm, about one kilometre from the search and rescue control post in the Sukong oil palm plantation 

Also involved in the search were the police, the Civil Defence Force (APM), Lubok Antu auxiliary firemen and local villagers.