The man upon his return, safe and sound.

SERIAN: A disabled man who was feared missing at Kampung Semukoi was found safe after he was reported missing since Wednesday.

The man was said to have returned home by himself while a search and rescue (SAR) operation was activated to search for him.

The operation comprised five firefighters, a K9 squad, three policemen, six Civil Defence Force personnel and 15 villagers.

A spokesman from the State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) said the department was alerted by the police about a missing person at 9.45am yesterday following a missing person’s report lodged by the family.

It was said that the man went to his orchard at around 1.30pm and failed to return since which prompted them to lodge a report due to their concern of his wellbeing.

Firefighter carried out the search covering an area of three-kilometre radius from where the man was last seen. Upon the return of the man by himself, the search team was alerted.