Missing person found safe at village edge

SIBURAN: Siburan Fire and Rescue Services Station in Siburan (BBP Siburan) received a call from the Siburan Police Station (from Cpl Kevin Lai) at 19.04hrs on Sunday regarding a missing person, said a press release from Sarawak State Operation Centre (PGO Sarawak). According to the information received the victim was believed to be missing from a house in Kampung Assom, Pedawan in Siburan.

The complainant Hiburan@Bency anak Uyah said about 1400hrs on Sunday, his nephew Rameo Anak Sakok who is an individual with special need (OKU) was found missing from the house.

The village headman, upon being informed of the matter, speedily asked the village folks to look around the vicinity for the victim but their search was futile. BBP Siburan, upon receiving the call immediately arranged for one unit of Hilux vehicle and three personnel led by PBKII Jude anak Rainey to look for the victim.

The operation was commanded by PPgB Mohd Afiq bin Yusoff. At 0900hrs yesterday the officer on duty at BBP Siburan informed the Sarawak State Operation Centre (PGO Sarawak) in Kuching that at 0848hrs the victim was found alive at a drain at the edge of Kampung Assom, Jalan Puncak Borneo.

The victim, 36, was a bit tired and shivered due to the cold weather. Also involved in the search were two members of the Civil Defence Force (APM), the press release concluded.

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