Missing senior citizen found alive but weak

Firefighters attending to the elderly man.

SIMUNJAN: A senior citizen reported missing while looking for clams at Kampung Tambai Sebuyau here, was found by firefighters on Wednesday (Feb 3).

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre said the 73-year-old man was found by the search and rescue (SAR) team at 10.30am in weak condition.

Bomba said the victim’s nephew realised he was missing at about 4pm on Tuesday (Feb 2) after the victim failed to rejoin his two nephews home.

“The search for the victim failed and the victim’s nephew asked nearby villagers for help in the search, which went on until 11pm but to no avail,” Bomba explained, adding that the SAR operation was put on hold as it was late at night.

Bomba explained that the man was found making his way out of the woods barefooted about 1km from his hut.

The victim was brought to the Sebangan Health Clinic for further examination.