Missing sexagenarian found safe

A fireman attends to Singwa (left) before he was taken to hospital for further treatment.

KANOWIT: An elderly man reported missing while sending food supplies to his wife in an oil palm plantation here on July 6, has been found safe and well.

A spokesperson for the State Fire Department operations centre said the 66-year-old man identified as Singwa Ngap, was found by rescuers about 9km from his house in Rumah Tanjung, Sungai Ranan at 7.45am this morning.

“Firemen from Kanowit who were alerted of the discovery, provided initial treatment to Singwa as he suffered minor injuries to his ankles.

“The victim was later handed over to the police to be taken to hospital for further treatment,” the spokesman said.

According to a police report earlier, the victim was said to have gone out to deliver food supplies for his wife who works at Ladang Pelita Kanowit oil palm plantation around 6pm on Tuesday.

However, the victim did not reach his wife’s workplace. His family members later noticed that Singwa had not returned home the following day thus, alerting rescue authorities for search assistance.

The victim suffers partial paralysis on one of his arms and has a history of seizures.