Missing woman found – safe and sound

Ijah (seated) was brought to a health clinic for a check-up.

JULAU: Ijah Lassa, who was reported missing while looking for jungle produce in Nanga Lijan on June 1, has been found safe and sound six days after the search operation was halted on June 16.

The 54-year-old was found around 9am today (June 22) in a farm hut belonging to residents of Rumah Banggau, Lubok Guchi, Sayong, Entabai.

Bintangor fire chief Nicholas Belulin said Ijah survived on the supplies available in the   hut.

“Ijah was found safe and healthy by Rumah Banggau residents. She only suffered minor injuries on both felt  as a result of walking in the jungle,” he said.

Firefighters, who were alerted, rushed to the scene and brought the woman to a health clinic for a check-up.

On June 1, Ijah went out to the jungle with two friends to look for forest produce. After their activities, she went home earlier than her friends.

However, upon her friends’ arrival at the longhouse, Ijah was nowhere to be found. This prompted a search operation by authorities.