KUCHING: Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye recently encouraged the private sector to provide a thermal scanning machine at their premises.

He said this would help the federal government to dampen the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Lee added that although the machine cost a cool RM40,000, it would benefit the public if the companies had one at their place.

A few members of the public here had their say on the call.

1. Nurul Farhanah Saffinye, 26

“In my opinion, this is reasonable in view of the recent situation. Covid-19 is a new virus, furthermore Malaysia is not closing the entry doors to Chinese tourists. Because of that, with thermal scanning being done at every premise, it reduces the spread of the virus which may infect more Malaysians.”

2. Muhammad Annasrul Haafeez Mat Nor, 36

“For me, there is no need for the order as even from the outset, the authorities have restricted and scanned every entry point into the country, meaning, prevention is better than cure. Now, we are in the middle phase and we have been combating the disease from early on. So why is it only now that the scanners must be placed in every premises and it is clear that the machine costs a lot. How about the rural dwellers, surely, they are cast aside? For me, the machine will not be effective, what is effective is awareness and exposure to the danger of Covid-19.”

3. Ilham Fahima Ibrahim, 24

“I think there is no need for a thermal scanner to be placed in premises as it is not a necessity as it will only function when there is a virus. They should be more realistic as lawmakers and think more carefully. For me it should be placed at airports as from its cost, it can be appropriated for many other things.”

4. Muhamad Ikhwan Yahaya, 24

“In my view, this is an endeavour that should only be implemented at an area where there is entry of foreigners such as the airport. Despite that, the standard operating procedure for the Health Ministry is needed as there is no specific vaccine for the virus. The (call to have) thermal scanner is irrational as it can only detect temperature and not the spread of germs (viral load).”