Mobile PPV for longhouses starts today

Mobile PPV for longhouse residents in the Nangka constituency starts on Monday (June 21) at Rumah John Lalong, Jalan Teku-Pasai.

SIBU: The mobile vaccination centre (PPV) will start operating at Rumah John Lalong, Jalan Teku Pasai on Monday (June 21), said Public Health and Housing Assistant Minister Dr Annuar Rapaee.

He said this last Saturday during a livestream on Sibu’s Covid-19 update.

Earlier, Dr Annuar had the opportunity to upload a picture of the mobile PPV at Rumah John Lalong on his social media page on Sunday (June 20).

He said the outreach programme for longhouses in the Nangka constituency will begin for four days starting Monday.

The mobile team will start from Rumah John Lalong for three longhouses in the area.

“Make sure you follow the set schedule and continue to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs),” he said.

On another development, the Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) will use the drive-through Covid-19 vaccination programme implemented by the Ninth Malaysian Infantry Brigade as a pilot project before it is expanded to the public here.

Dr Annuar, who is Sibu DDMC coordinator, said that the committee should first study the pros and cons of the vaccination method held at the Third Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment (3RRD) camp in Mile 14, Oya Road before implementing it for the public.

He added that an in-depth study needs to be done if the drive-through approach is to be implemented here as there are many implications that need to be examined.

“For example, if a person comes early and cannot enter the check-in place because it is not his turn and is ordered to leave, it will cause congestion,” he explained.

The drive-through vaccination carried out by the Ninth Malaysian Infantry Brigade last Saturday saw a total of 400 soldiers including their family members being vaccinated while another 400 were vaccinated on Sunday (June 20).

There are three lanes of 40 cars at a time and each car can have a maximum of three vaccine recipients only.

He noted that from his observation, it was done in an orderly manner without congestion as vaccination was limited to the military and their family members only.

“The whole process went smoothly and it was very impressive. Recipients didn’t have to get out of their cars to be injected.

“After receiving the vaccines, they wait in the car for between 15 to 30 minutes for any possible side effects before they were able to go home,” said Dr Annuar.

The Nangka assemblyman, however, said the first dose would take longer because the recipient had to go through a health check-up.

Dr Annuar said vaccination last Saturday was made by appointment but Sunday’s was based on a first come, first serve basis.