More Bonnies waiting to be discovered, says Martin

Martin flagged off fun ride with Serian Cycling Association

SERIAN: Sarawak X-Tive 2022, a state sponsored programme to inculcate a healthy lifestyle through sports, is potentially also an avenue to find talents waiting to be discovered.

Modernisation of Agriculture and Regional Development Deputy Minister Martin Ben said the community must therefore take a proactive approach to cultivate sports in their daily lives, families and society.

“Such involvement will indirectly unveil local sports talent at the grassroots level and subsequently raise the prestige of Sarawak sports at the national and international level,” he said during the Serian-level Sarawak X-Tive 2022 programme launching at Serian Sports Complex on Saturday (March 5).

(From left) Gerard George Entigar, Tuah Suni, Martin Ben, Dr Simon and Constantine Gerald David Jonas during the officiating ceremony of X-Tive 2022 programme at Serian.

“Take Bonnie Bunyau Gustin as example,” he said, referring to the recording-breaking powerlifter from Betong who won Malaysia’s first ever gold medal in the sport at the 2020 Summer Paralympic in Tokyo.

The Sarawak X-Tive 2022 programme was launched simultaneously in 12 divisions in the state on Saturday.

Martin who is Kedup assemblyman said the programme was in line with the state government’s inspiration to develop Sarawak into a state that practices an active lifestyle as part of its culture.

He pointed out that the collaboration among government agencies as well as youth and sports organisations was significant in attracting more participation.

“I believe that the government intends to promote not only a sports culture but also interaction in sports activities that can strengthen bonds and unity among the people.

“We really need a healthy and active society in achieving developed status by 2030,” he added.

Before the inauguration ceremony, Martin and other invitees joined an aerobics exercise with the Serian Motor Club, Bukit Semuja Sports and Recreation Club (BUSEREC 23), Speda Cycling Club and Dayung Bukit Semuja.

Martin also flagged off a few activities organised in the morning including a  fun ride and big bikes convoy.

Also present were Tebedu assemblyman Dr Simon Sinang Bada, Resident of Serian Tuah Suni, Tebedu District Officer Joseph Liaw, representative of Serian District Officer Gerard George Entigar and secretary of the Serian district council Constantine Gerald David Jonas.

Martin flagged off big bikes convoy
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