More members allowed at mosques, surau

Masjid India Bandar Kuching can house 1,600 faithful at a time. File Photo: Bernama

KUCHING: Beginning tomorrow, the number of congregation members allowed to perform five daily prayers at permitted mosques and surau in Sarawak has been increased to 80 people from 40 previously, said Sarawak Islamic Council (MIS) secretary Khalidi Ibrahim.

He said as for Friday prayers, between 80 and 250 members would be allowed at the mosques and surau, depending on the categories or sizes, beginning June 19.

“(All congregation members) must adhere to the guidelines set throughout and after the implementation of the recovery movement control order (RMCO) issued by the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (JAIS),” he said in a statement here today.

Following the new ruling, 80 congregation members are allowed to perform five daily prayers at the Sarawak State Mosque, compared to 40 members previously and up to 250 for Friday prayers, as compared to 100 before.

Divisional mosques or surau which previously were allowed to have 40 congregation members for each of the five daily prayers, can now hold the prayers with a congregation of up to 80 people and for Friday prayers, 150 members are allowed from 50 previously.

Mosques and surau in districts/sub-districts are now allowed to hold the five daily prayers and Friday prayers with up to 80 congregation members and a maximum of 125 people respectively.

For surau, the number of people in the congregation should not be more than 80 for Friday prayers and 40 for the five daily prayers.

Other mosques and surau in the state were allowed to hold the five daily prayers with a congregation of up to 40 people at any one time.

Meanwhile, JAIS’ Mosques Development Division in a separate statement said effective today, Muslims are allowed to visit grave sites, subject to the conditions and guidelines set.

Among the guidelines are social distancing, using face masks and hand sanitisers as well as limiting the visit to 20 minutes only. – Bernama