Harden with the BIKs recipients in Simanggang, while Vivian (second left) looks on.

SIMANGGANG: The government’s strategic partners in the implementation of the Kenyalang Gold Card (KGC) need to be expanded to the rural areas to further help senior citizens in the state.

KGC holder Denny Sukom described the initiative created by the Sarawak government as something that is not only noble, but beneficial as well.

Denny Sukom

“This is because with the KGC, senior citizens can benefit when shopping or using certain services. However, in the Sri Aman Division, there are still not many who provide benefits for senior citizens with KGC,” he told Suara Sarawak.

He said therefore it is hoped that government can bring in more strategic partners in rural areas so that the use of KGC is more widespread.

Earlier, Denny received the death compassionate assistance (BIK) worth RM3,000 which was presented by Assistant Minister of Community Welfare Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, who is also Simanggang assemblyman, following the passing of his mother, Luyah Watt.

He thanked the state government for being concerned with the needs of the people and he is grateful to receive the assistance.

Meanwhile, another BIK recipient Sie Yong King also said the KGC is a good initiative because it can help people in need.

Sie had lost his mother Ling Chiok Hua about three months ago.

Sie Yong King

“I strongly support the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government’s initiative, not only to benefit cardholders but also their next-of-kin,” he said.

He then praised Harden for his concern in helping the needed people regardless of race and religion.

“Harden is a hard worker and loves to help. Therefore, we will always support him and want him re-nominated in the coming 12th state election,” he added.

Harden at the same ceremony also handed over a contribution of RM5,000 each to the supervisor of the Sri Aman Community Rehabilitation Organisation Sanny Law and Sri Aman Division Social Welfare office’s Sports and Recreation Club chairman Hamili Sahat.

Also present was Sri Aman Division Social Welfare officer Vivian Engkiong.

The death compassionate assistance is one of the benefits of the KGC; it is for the next-of-kin of card holders who had passed away.

For the record, since the introduction of KGC, 38 beneficiaries have received their respective BIKs with a total assistance of RM114,000 for the Sri Aman Division.

Also, the Sri Aman Division Social Welfare Office received 8,645 KGC applications of which 8,221 cards have been printed, while 6,483 have been distributed.