More telco towers needed: MP

Huju Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong

KUCHING: The Communications and Multimedia Ministry was told to provide more telecommunications towers in the state, especially in the rural Hulu Rajang parliamentary constituency.

Its MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong said, Hulu Rajang, like all other rural areas, is in dire need of continuous digital infrastructure development.

“I don’t want to see a repeat of the incident in Sabah involving a student who had to climb trees to obtain internet connectivity in order for her to answer her online examination.

“Such thing should not happen especially when we are moving toward the fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0),” he said when debating on the Royal Address in Parliament yesterday.

Ugak hoped that the new towers would be powered by solar energy without relying on Diesel power as the latter is no longer relevant in ensuring a continuous and ample supply of power for the towers to operate.

On the infrastructure development in Hulu Rajang, the MP hoped that the work to upgrade the road from the Bakun junction to Bakun Dam will be expedited.

“I want to thank the works ministry for completing the Pan Borneo Highway stretch from Bintulu to Bakun. However, the road leading to Sebauh is without a junction; this creates inconvenience as dwellers would have to travel 2km to make a U-turn.

“I also hope the rural development minister would expedite the process to upgrade the road to the Tegulang resettlement (Phase 6) in Belaga, which is 9.5 km in distance and the road to the Mentalun resettlement (Phase 5) in Belaga, which is 17.5 km.

“The Rumah Nyamok road to SMK Baleh to Rumah Layang at Nanga Kain also needs to be given due attention as soon as possible,” he said.

Ugak said it is important that the lawmakers in Putrajaya listen to the needs of the Hulu Rajang dwellers and complete the development projects without delay.

“We are not asking for a lavish multi-storey highway; we only ask for good infrastructure which would allow the dwellers to have access to good quality road,” he said.