Paulus (second right) presents a cheque to a recipient.

KUCHING: A total of more than RM100 million has been set aside for the implementation of four water supply projects in Batu Danau.

In revealing this, its assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang said the project will be implemented under the Northern Region Development Agency (NRDA).

“We thank the state government for allocating four water supply projects. All the projects are under the NRDA allocation and its total cost is estimated at more than RM100 million,” he said.

He said this when met after a ceremony to present water tanks to residents, organised by the village safety and development committee (JKKK) of Kampung Ukong in Limbang on Thursday.

Paulus said the first two water supply projects will span the areas of Bawang Obor-Pengkalan Jawa to Ukong as well as Simpang Ukong to Simpang Rumah Jubang.

“Meanwhile the third project will be from Kampung Medamit Baru to Rumah Aling and the fourth will be from Medamit-Simpang Kuala Mendalam to Simpang Kuala Mendalam,” he said.

At the ceremony, 21 residents of Kampung Ukong, Limbang received water tank assistance from the Sarawak government.

On the presentation of water tanks, Paulus said that it is a temporary solution for those who do not have access to clean water supply.

“This is temporary as we wait for the project to be implemented. We supply water tanks to those who do not have clean water supply to store for use during drought days,” he said.

At the ceremony, he also presented a check amounting to RM10,000 to the Kampung Ukong JKKK.