Most parents welcome reopening of school

Pupils of SK Batu Lintang waiting for their turns to get their temperatures checked before entering their school. File photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: Parents are generally in favour of allowing schools to be reopened for physical classes on March 8 despite the concern over the pandemic situation in the state.

The reopening involves a total of 1,045 schools while 220 other schools in high-risk areas remain closed.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) recently said the decision was made as a result of discussion with the state Education Department (JPNS) on behalf of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

SDMC added that risk assessment was conducted and in compliance with the stated operating instructions according to the Guidelines for School Management and Operations in the New Norm 2.0 as issued by the MOE.

Fairozza Fathia Mohamad Mustapha

Fairozza Fathia Mohamad Mustapha, 34

I support the government’s decision to allow the children to return to school as they had a break for too long. The current Covid-19 situation is still worrying so this makes me feel uneasy, but I know it’s important for the children to learn and live in the current world.

Saroja Manger

Saroja Manger, 56     

I am okay with the date changes as decisions imposed by the government are the children’s safety and welfare in mind. Regardless of the worries that we have as parents, we must face the current circumstances and move forward with our lives.

Abdul Hadi Salleh

Abdul Hadi Salleh, 43

My children have been looking forward to go back to school since early this year, so it makes me sad to see them get disappointed whenever it is announced that reopening of schools are postponed. Even though the situation with Covid-19 remain uncertain, I hope that there will be no more changes in the decision to allow students to go back to school.

Mohd Hafidzatullah Ali

Mohd Hafidzatullah Ali, 33

The children are excited to go back to school in spite of the pandemic. Of course, I want to keep them at home where it is safe, but it is unhealthy to do that. As parents, we must allow our children to be independent and learn to take care of themselves in the outside world.

Yanti Mohd Yasim

Yanti Mohd Yasim, 44

I prefer for my children to continue with online learning until there are more green zones in the state. However, we have to move on and trust that the children will follow strictly the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as adapt to life in the new norm.

Noraini Mohd Jalil

Noraini Mohd Jalil, 37

It is about time for the children to return to school and resume their education. I do not wish to see my children or others to be left behind as it will affect their life chances in the future. I believe the children are aware of their responsibilities in complying with the SOPs.