Chin Ka How


KUCHING: Moviegoers here have given some thumbs-down to Fox’s latest X-Men instalment, Dark Phoenix.

An avid fan of Marvel, Revon Jeremiah, 25, was disappointed with the movie as he felt that the timeline of the X-Men movies needed to be fixed.

“I feel like the timeline has been a mess since ‘X-Men: Days of the Future Past’. It does not fit well with the time in Deadpool and Logan. The mutants looked young in Deadpool 2 even though the movie is set in the modern era when in actuality they are supposed to be older.”

He further added that he did not like the ending of the movie as it was anti-climatic and it could have been done better to conclude the X-Men series produced by Fox.

“I think that they should recast the entire X-Men if and when they are going to incorporate the mutants into Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Besides that, it will be a tall order for them to make the X-Men fit into the MCU timeline,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jackson Chai, a passionate moviegoer, said he was not a fan of the latest adaptation of “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

“I prefer the previous adaptation ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ of the saga in 2006. The plot and character development were not great in this movie. Without spoiling much to the others who have yet to watch the movie, I feel like it focuses more on Jean Grey/Phoenix (played by Sophie Turner) compared to the rest of the X-Men,” he added.

A big fan of Marvel, Chin Ka How, 26, said he decided not to watch the movie after hearing numerous bad reviews as he preferred not to spend his hard-earned money and be let down by the movie.

Chin Ka How