MP buys crops from lockdown-hit residents

The unsold crops bought by Tiong.

KUCHING: Longhouse residents affected by the lockdown order in Bintulu heaved a sigh of relief as two tonnes of their unsold crops were bought by local MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

“As promised, the Bintulu parliamentary constituency service centre bought crops from longhouse residents who were subjected to movement control for 14 days following a Covid-19 positive case at the longhouse.

“Therefore, today, we went to the longhouse together with the staff to collect and buy two tonnes of crops in stages. This approach can reduce their losses,” Tiong said in a Facebook post today (June 12).

The MP said the longhouse dwellers have recently complained that vegetables and fruits that had been harvested earlier had gone unsold due to the movement restrictions.

“They are dissatisfied and worried about crops that cannot be sold on time as a result of movement restrictions preventing residents from going in or out.

“Having understood the details, I also agree that if mature crops are not processed in time, it will not only affect the income of the population, but it is also wasteful,” he said.

At the same time, Tiong appealed for the longhouse residents to continue to comply with the lockdown order imposed on their longhouses.

“This is because the government is trying to save the lives of the people even though there are a small number who have not been able to accept it,” he said.