MP donates thermometers to schools

Lau (centre) with the headmasters who received the thermometers from her.

SIBU: A total of 35 primary schools in Lanang constituency received 60 units of forehead thermometers from Lanang MP Alice Lau, yesterday.

She explained that she had chosen the forehead thermometer instead of ear thermometer or face masks for schools because it was more hygienic.

“It is also less costly to use a forehead thermometer than an ear thermometer in measuring body temperature especially with the Covid-19 virus.

“With an ear thermometer, you will need to change the rubberised head for each measurement because if you don’t do that, the virus might spread to the next person,” she said.

Lau also said that she preferred not to give out face masks as it needed to be changed after each use.

“With forehead thermometers, it can also take one’s temperature quickly,” she said, adding that the gadget was a precaution towards ensuring the virus would not spread among students.

Lau (centre) with the headmasters who received the thermometers from her.

“I am giving between two and five units to each school depending on the number of students they have. For schools like SRK Sibujaya and SRK SEDC with more than 1,000 students, they are given five units each,” she said.

She explained that most schools had their own thermometers but they are insufficient.

 With the thermometer, every student will have their body temperature measured before the first lesson every day.

Separately, she advised the public not to spread fake news on the virus.

“If you want accurate data on the disease, log on to the Health Ministry website and other reliable media instead of social media,” she said.

She also advised the public to avoid crowded places and maintain strict personal hygiene.

SRK SEDC headmaster Tan Wui Kang lauded the good move by Lau in donating the thermometer to the schools.

“I have 700 pupils and with three units from Alice, we now have five. This will allow us to do temperature measurements in just half hour,” he said.

The headmaster of SK Nanga Salim, Aliyah Jamain also thanked Lau for the thermometers.

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