MP laments hospital escape act

Lukanisman Awang Sauni

KUCHING: The recent stunt by a Covid-19 patient who escaped from Miri Hospital to return to his home in Batu Niah was to the dismay of the local MP.

“I am disappointed with the action of the individual. His escape caused the frontliners to be burdened with additional tasks, and at the same time could expose the authorities (to Covid-19),” said Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni.

He said the act was ‘selfish’ and only served to bring harm to the public due to the infectious nature of the virus.

Lukanisman said Covid-19 patients who were diagnosed with the virus shouldn’t panic and adhere to the treatments administered by the medical authorities.

“If you are positive for Covid-19, the Health Ministry staff will have a standard operating procedure (SOP) for treatment. The patient needs to be honest and not make rash decisions which will endanger public lives,” he said.

The MP said, at the same time, the community should also understand that being diagnosed with Covid-19 is not an act of crime as no one expects that they would be infected.

“During this time where the infections rate is surging, it is our collective responsibility to take care of our safety,” he said in a Facebook post.

Last Tuesday, it was reported that a Covid-19 patient who escaped from Miri Hospital the previous day was arrested and taken back to the hospital for treatment.

District police chief, ACP Hakemal Hawari said the patient had escaped while being treated at the hospital after undergoing a swab test at a private hospital.

He added that the police would open an investigation paper on the patient once he completes his treatment.