The large-sizes mud crab sold by Nur Fatin.

By Jay Watson

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Nipah crabs, or mud crabs, based on their sizes have a high selling price that can be sold from RM16 to RM45 per kilogramme and this has become a source of income for the fishing community in Kampung Sungai Pendam here.

This was shared by Nur Fatin Keri, 23, who sells mud crabs every day with her cousin, Biah Mu, 39 at their stall at Jalan Dato Mohd Musa in front of the junction of Kampung Bukit Berangan.

Nur Fatin (left) and Biah Mu showing the mud crabs sold by them.

“At my stall, for small-sized mud crabs caught by our village fishermen, the price is from RM16 to RM25 per kilogramme or in a bundle, while the large-sized ones are sold from RM35 to RM45 per kilogramme or in a bundle,” she told Suara Sarawak when met recently.

She also revealed that she can sell up to 20 kilogrammes of mud crabs at her stall every day and earn average sales revenue of around RM200 per day.

“The mud crabs at our stall was caught by my father along with eight relatives from the village who are fishermen.

“Their catch is uncertain, sometimes their catch is more than 20 kilogrammes and sometimes only one or two kilogrammes,” she said.

She said that her father and brother would go down to catch the crab as early as 5am by installing a trap near the nipah tree area in Tabuan and Bako in Kuching.

“They would then bring the mud crabs that have been caught to the village in the afternoon and the crabs would be collected, weighed and tied according to their size for sale at the stall,” she said.

She said normally she would start selling around 11am and the mud crabs would be sold out by 1pm.

“I have been selling mud crabs for 20 years and until now it continues to be the main source of income for my family and relatives in the village,” she said.