MUKAH: Businesses in this town are excited when they learned about strategic partners’ possibility pertaining to the Kenyalang Gold Card (KGC) initiative implemented by the Sarawak government last year.

A few business owners were approached on Tuesday (Aug 11) to find out how much they knew about the KGC.

They were briefed about the benefits enjoyed by cardholders, and also the advantage of becoming a strategic partner with the Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development.

It was found that some business owners knew very little about the KGC, while there was also one retailer who was completely unaware of the existence of such a card.

Two optical shop owners said they heard about the KGC, but did not know much about it.

“Yes, we heard about the KGC, which is for senior citizens aged 60 years old and above, but for other details, we do not know much,” they said.

Two pharmacy owners also shared the same views, while another similar trader had no idea about the KGC.

Interestingly, all of them (optical and pharmacy) were excited about the KGC and expressed interest to become strategic partners.

It was reported on Monday (Aug 10) that KGC holders in Mukah Division had yet to enjoy the benefits offered by the card as no strategic partners had been registered with the ministry.

Community Welfare Mukah Division officer Haslinda Supu said the ministry had yet to register strategic partners to enable KGC holders to enjoy the card’s benefits.

She also clarified that the 11 strategic partners were actually in Limbang.