Mukah District Council intensifies stray dog catching

Officers from the Dalat/Mukah District Council are seen catching stray dogs.

MUKAH: The catching of stray dogs in the area has been a routine operation for the local authority here, said Dalat/Mukah District Council (MDDM) walikota Kadir Jamil.

“It is an ongoing operation for the council and is done based on requests that the council received,” he said yesterday.

Efforts have been intensified ever since rabies was detected in the state last July, followed by Dalat this year.

As a result of that, the local Health Department reminded the people on the dangers of these infected dogs.

The local authority’s move to round up stray dogs was an initiative that was welcomed by the residents as these dogs were known to cause havoc such as scavenging for rubbish by the road side, with the more aggressive ones chasing passersby.

With the detection of rabies in the state, it further aggravated the situation where tolerance on the matter could be fatal if no drastic actions were taken.

The dog catchers were seen using motorcycles to chase down these dogs which were then placed in a vehicle and brought to an undisclosed location for further action.