Mukah traders verify weighing scales

Ministry officers monitoring the verification process as Ariff (third right) looks on.

MUKAH: Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd Sibu Branch yesterday (July 9) checked all the weighing scales used by local traders at Dewan Suarah Mesra here.

In the morning, about 30 traders had their weighing scales verified.  The verification process was monitored by officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Mukah Branch.

Recently, the ministry’s branch chief Salihin Den said weighing scales needed to be verified annually.

Metrology verification officer Ariff Dzulradzeey explained that the verification fees charged before sales and service tax (SST) varied according to the capacity and type (conventional and electronic) of scales. They were RM7.60 for scales that could weigh 10kg and below, RM15.90 for those that could weigh 20kg and RM29 for those that could weight15-25kg.

“New weighing scales also need to be verified first and sellers have to get them verified at their own costs,” he said during the verification exercise.

According to him, there are also requests from hospitals to have their weighing scales verified while others involved in caking making and other food processing activities are also asking for the verification.

He added Metrology Corporation Sibu Branch, which catered for the Central Region, will conduct the verification exercise in Dalat in November.