Multifuel station to benefit local residents

Petros fueling station in Petra Jaya, Kuching. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: The Petros Multifuel Refuelling Station, which is expected to begin construction soon at MJC Batu Kawah here, will be a boon to the local community in the area.

The multifuel station will serve the current conventional vehicles that are running on petrol and diesel, as well as to serve the next generation low-carbon emission vehicles such as electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles as the transition from the conventional internal combustion engines is nigh.

Aside from refueling, the station also aims to provide commercial spaces for local and global brands to market their products or services and at the same time spur the local economy.

New Sarawak Tribune spoke to several community leaders and members of the public for their thoughts on the initiative.

Stanley Repon


It is an excellent initiative as it eases the refuelling process for the people of Batu Kawah while also spurring the local economy. This station is the second of its kind to be built following the first one in Petra Jaya, and this is definitely great news for the people here.

Datuk Seri Charles Voon Jan Poh


Of course, it is a good initiative. There are a lot of households in the area and therefore, providing a lot of facilities to the community here is very important. We have a very stable government now and this is the key so that we can continue implementing all of these projects in the future.

Alfian Bawi


This is one of our prides as Sarawakians. It is a product of Sarawak, and it is something new for us as well. Looking at what it offers, this will be a boon to the locals here as well as the whole state once more stations are built. We are definitely on our way to achieve the zero-carbon emission initiative.

Temenggong Datuk Tan Joo Phoi


With the increase in population, development and vehicles in this area, as well as in Matang, Bau and Kuching, Batu Kawah is very busy and congested. The construction of this station is timely, and it will definitely benefit the residents of this area.