Vanessa Coulombe and Beatrice Da Silva
Vanessa Coulombe and Beatrice Da Silva
David Bardwell and wife, Siobrian Costigan with their kids.
Fanny Thalia Limas and Widhelia Felice

: The Darul Hana Musical Fountain continues to draw people from all walks of life, foreign and local alike.

Entrepreneur Kamarul Zaman, 28, said the waterfront’s star attraction was a sight for sore eyes. “It’s an accomplishment. I’m proud that we have move forward in the last 10 years.

“The new Darul Hana bridge and the musical fountain showed how much Sarawak have developed and progressed,” he said.
Attia Zulaika, 28, an employee at a retail shop, said the two attractions here were best for taking selfies or group photos for memories.

“It’s viral in the social media through Facebook and Instagram. A lot of Kuchingnites are taking photos here. It’ll be weird to be left out.

“For me the new attraction here is something modern, a part which truly changed the image of the old waterfront,” she said.
Beatrice Da Silva and Vanessa Coulombe, from Canada who are in their 20s, were also in awe.

“We came to Sarawak to visit the orang utan. We didn’t expect the city to be so lovely.  “We’ve heard about the musical fountain from a lady at our hotel, also it’s our first time here so we can’t wait for the show to start. We heard it’s amazing from another tourist,” said Beatrice.

“Also, recently we had our walk across the Darul Hana bridge. The view is spectacular, it’s a lovely spot to see the sunset in the city.

“Not to forget the view of the mosque and the call to worship coming from it, which we enjoyed,” she said.

A family of five from Australia have been here for a week now. According to the father, David Bardwell, they had been backpacking around Asia for seven months now and Sarawak was their last stop.

“We love the musical show at the fountain and the bridge is such a connection where we could see the mosque which is lovely and the sunset in the city is more remarkable than anywhere else in the world,” he said.

David’s wife, Siobrian Costigan, said Sarawak is truly a hidden gem, and the sightseeing here was spectacular. Meanwhile, Widhelia Felice, 24, and Fanny Thalia Limas, 24, from Indonesia said they were really impressed with the Darul Hana bridge and the musical fountain.