My work has been consistent: Julaihi

Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Datuk Julaihi Narawi. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

Sebuyau rep ready for polls

SEBUYAU: Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Datuk Julaihi Narawi is ready and well-prepared to face the coming state election.

“I do my work not because of the election. I do my work regularly. Since the past elections, I do my work regularly and when the election is on, I am already ready and well prepared,” the Sebuyau assemblyman told reporters after officiating at the Education Excellence Encouragement Contribution programme in here, recently.

During the function, Julaihi handed over RM32,090 to 19 primary schools including two Chung Hua primary schools and their respective Parent-Teacher associations.

On his working attributes for the betterment of his constituency, Julaihi enthused that he has been actively upgrading school amenities and facilities besides giving allocations to build futsal courts for the people to enjoy their recreation and leisure.

“We have the rural transformation project (RTP) to upgrade the school facilities like providing air conditioners or futsal courts to give comfort and a conducive environment to teach and to learn.

“Grants have also been given to the RTP and I have taken the initiative to give free English newspapers to the schools to help the students improve their English language skills,” he said.

Although nowadays everything can be freely googled on the internet, Abang Julaihi acknowledged that newspapers were still very useful as a reading tool for schools. Besides that, it could also help students to be more knowledgeable on current events, sports, economy, and the environment.

“The UPSR pupils are also given assistance in my constituency and we have given books for their revisions. I am very proud and very pleased to say that in my constituency, we did get a 100 passing rate.

“And as a booster and encouragement, through the PTAs we now have presented a RM32,050 grant to 115 students from Primary 6,  PT3, SPM and local students studying in institutes of higher learning.

“The monetary aid can help the students to proceed with their registration at the local universities like Unimas and UiTM,” he said.

Julaihi said he was confident that students from rural schools could be successful if given the right opportunity.

On infrastructure development in his constituency, Julaihi noted that presently, roads were the main mode of transportation.

Sebuyau is well-connected by road as the coastal road network and second trunk road are almost completed.

“The Batang Lupar Bridge will be a game changer in the area as it will provide better connectivity in the coastal region,” he said.

On water supply, he said that will be linked to the district’s southern water grid system whereby most of the water pipes have been laid and connected to the Tebelu booster system.

On agriculture, Julaihi said once the infrastructures were in place, Sebuyau folks could focus on planting commercial crops like coconut and banana as the soil in the district is fertile.

“Sebuyau is also famous for the terubok fish,” he said.

On tourism, Julaihi said phase one of Sebuyau’s tourist attraction has just started with the construction of chalets near the river front.

“This will be packaged as tourist attraction whereby visitors can cook and learn how to catch terubok fish and red prawns. They can also explore the Sebuyau National Park and Gunung Ruai which have 1,000 steps,” he said.

Julaihi hoped that Sebuyau – which is presently under the jurisdiction of Simunjan district – will be upgraded to a full district in tandem with the rapid development in the area.