Nangka assemblyman clarifies Chinese newspaper’s report

The temporary shelter built by the man at Kampung Bahagia Teku.

SIBU: Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee has clarified that the issue of a woman living in a shelter near Kampung Bahagia Teku as reported in a Chinese newspaper is incorrect.

After learning the real situation, he said the shelter was a temporary resting place of a man and his cousin, who worked as a scrap metal collector, but not the woman, as reported.

“It is understood that the shelter was built about a month ago. He stays there while waiting for his family’s new house to be completed.

“Sometimes the man doesn’t want to return to his sister’s house in Jalan Teku and would sleep at the shelter he built,” he said in a Facebook post on Monday (July 12).

He added the man was also one of the fire survivors in his village — the incident happened two years ago.

“At that time, the Nangka constituency service centre provided a six-month house rental assistance, and the Sarawak government also provided RM68,000 to the family to rebuild their house.

“The man’s family members had also used their own additional money for the building of the house which is under construction.

“This explanation is made so that the public would not easily believe the attempts of some parties to politicise the man’s situation.

“I hope that if anyone still tries to make an issue out of this, Teku residents can screenshot this posting of mine and show it to those concerned.”

Earlier, Dr Annuar visited the site with the man’s sister and mother to meet the man to get a better understanding of the situation.