The proposed double-storey kindergarten block of Tadika Methodist Private next to SK Methodist.

KAPIT: Deputy Regional and Rural Development Minister, Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi, who is also the Member of Parliament for Kapit recently visitied the site of proposed construction the new double-storey kindergarten block of Tadika Methodist Private.

The kindergarten block will be located next to SK Methodist along Jalan Mamora. The RM500,000 project comprises six new classes. It is expected to be completed by early next year.

According to the kindergarten teacher in charge of Tadika Methodist Private, Jenny Wenndy, the kindergarten currently has 106 pupils. “For next year, we have received 250 applications for the kindergartens and we are expecting the existing classes to be overcrowded. We hope the new kindergarten block will help address the overcrowding problem,” she said.

However, she also insisted on the construction of new public toilets for the kindergarten to cater for the increasing number of kindergarten pupils. Responding to the request by the kindergarten management for the construction of the new toilets, Nanta called on them to look for a suitable site and assured them he could assist to provide the funding for the construction work.

In addition, Nanta also suggested that the kindergarten management erect proper fences between the kindergarten and SK Methodist to avoid distractions for the pupils during their studies.

Accompanying Nanta during the visit were Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Tapah Ata, Kapit District Officer, Elvis Didit, his Special Affairs Officer, Ambrose Abong Bukek, Principal of SMK Selirik, Jarit Jarmit, an officer from Kapit Education Department, Layang Ugek, Nanta’s special aide, Watson Awan, and several representatives of various government departments.