Nation’s Covid-19 handling impresses YouTuber

Other Side of the Truth host Dustin Pfundheller

KUCHING: Malaysia’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic drew praise from a video creator on YouTube, who was impressed by the nation’s resolve to contain the coronavirus.

American-based YouTube channel Other Side of the Truth in their video depicted how Malaysia who had three times more Covid-19 cases than any country in South East Asia is now one of the safest countries in the world.

“I was amazed and impressed by all the ways Malaysia is protecting their country and citizens from the coronavirus.

“Malaysia took quick action against Covid-19 to prevent spreading this coronavirus through their country,” Other Side of the Truth host Dustin Pfundheller said.

He said the stringent measures taken by the Malaysian government such as the movement control order (MCO), roadblocks, and the closing of schools are among the factors that contributed to a decline in cases in the region.

Pfundheller said on April 14, Malaysia’s total Covid-19 cases were surpassed by Philippines, Indonesia two days later and Singapore subsequently.

“Singapore, although it has a population five times smaller than that of Malaysia, now has 15 times the number of cases compared to Malaysia.

“Malaysia is an example that we all can overcome the virus — how a country with so many cases can stop the spread of the virus,” he added.

He also lamented the lack of recognition given to the country for their triumph in handling the coronavirus by the foreign media.

“Malaysia’s Covid-19 numbers are good, but when you realise that their numbers at one time were three times worse than any country in South East Asia, that is a story that needs to be told,” he said.