A snippet of the video showing Tai performing his rendition of 'Ibu Pertiwiku' on the piano.

Kedahan ‘Ibu Pertiwiku’ rendition grabs Sarawakians hearts

KUCHING: A Kedahan’s rendition of the Sarawak anthem captivated netizens on social media recently.

The short one minute 17 seconds video uploaded by Sungai Petani’s Tai Zee Kin showed him playing ‘Ibu Pertiwiku’ on his piano at home.

Tai said although he was not from Sarawak and did not have any relative in the state, the anthem was one of his favourite songs.

He also waxed lyrical over the culture of Sarawakians from his visits to the state.

“I have only visited Sarawak for work purposes,” he said, adding that he had visited its rural areas.

“It is my most favourite state and the Sarawakian culture is my personal favourite among all,” he said in the same posting on Facebook last Sunday.

Tai Zee Kin playing ‘Ibu Pertiwiku’ on his piano at home.

Facebook user Rick Alvar Marcello heaped praise on Tai’s rendition of the state anthem.

“Proud salute from Kuching, Sarawak. Your rendition gives me goosebumps, feels like soaring my inner spirit up high, bro,” Rick commented on the posting.

Samantha Kwan in another comment took kindly to Tai’s rendition of the state anthem saying, “Thanks for this. I immediately stood up and sang along to the tune proudly. Much love from a Sarawakian.”

In the same post, proud Sarawakian Aniq Shazwan also conveyed his appreciation of the performance.

He said Tai was always welcomed to visit the Land of the Hornbills.

“Sarawak is a land of unity where all of its multicultural communities live in harmony and respect one another,” he said in his comment.