New book on Bau history out soon

Bong (third left) presents three copies of the book on behalf of the association to Henry. Photo: Datuk Henry Harry Jinep’s Tasik Biru Admin Page.

KUCHING: A new book, entitled ‘Quintessence of Mau San’, written in Mandarin by Persatuan Hwa Gong Bau, will soon be available to the public who wants to know more about the history of Bau.

On Monday (Aug 9), members of the association briefed Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep on the new book and its content.

This was shared in a post on Henry’s Tasik Biru Admin Page on Facebook on Monday night.

The association’s chairman, Pemanca Bong Jong Long said it took them almost a year to complete the book because of the need for research.

In his short speech, Henry gave the book the thumbs-up and commended Persatuan Hwa Gong Bau for its efforts in writing the book.

He hoped many others would follow the association’s move to write more books on Bau which had a long history of 200 years.

He also proposed that the book be translated into English and Bahasa Malaysia for the benefit of readers from the other communities.