New clinic proposed for Nanga Mekey

PELAGUS assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang has proposed a new clinic to be built at Nanga Mekey, which is located between Kapit town and Nanga Merit Rajang.

According to Wilson, this is due to the distance between Kapit town and Nanga Merit, which is about two to three hours by express boat.

Speaking during his debate speech of the State Budget 2019, Wilson also asked on the Tunoh administrative centre as well as development plans for a township in Tunoh.

On the subject of Native Customary Right (NCR) land, Wilson commented that the previous Federal Government had allocated funds in the budget for the NCR land perimeter survey.

“But this new government had not provided any allocation in the new budget, so I hereby request that the State Government provide the sufficient funds required for the perimeter survey of our NCR land, with considerations to the newly-amended land code during the last sitting.

“More funds should be allocated so that the survey for Native Territorial Domain (NTD) can commence at the area concerned after the perimeter survey of NCR land has been completed,” he said.

He also urged the Land and Survey Department to expedite the issuance of land titles for the lands which have been surveyed from the 80’s until today.