KUALA LUMPUR: GOJO, a new e-hailing app in Malaysia, began operations in the midst of a pandemic and tough economic times, but it is using the situation and the surging wave of digital transformation to its good advantage.

Commencing operations on Aug 8, the start-up continues to see steady growth, serving some 1,000 bookings every day, said its director and chief operating officer, Pradeep Kumar.

GOJO, he said, has been supporting local drivers affected by the global pandemic through proprietary technology and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives designed to protect their livelihood.

“For instance, GOJO launched a MarketPlace ecosystem, powered by our proprietary technology, which empowers drivers to choose their desired bookings that suit their schedule.

“In addition, GOJO also created Founder’s Fund, a 12-month profit-sharing initiative that gives a portion of profits back to eligible GOJO drivers,” he told Bernama.

Pradeep said as a precautionary measure against Covid-19, GOJO is adding facial recognition technology to the app, which will detect if its drivers are wearing masks, to ensure absolute commitment to health and safety standards for all passengers.

He also said Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation across all industries, and companies of all sizes are compelled to move their businesses onto digital platforms.   

When asked about GOJO’s plan to be part of the new digital economy, Pradeep shared: “GOJO’s open platform has the technological capability to support local merchants in their digital transformation, opening up new sales pipelines. We expect to welcome all local merchants onboard our platform in the near future.”

Despite being born in the middle of a global pandemic, GOJO has recorded growth that defies the dampening effect of Covid-19. Just two months since its launch, the app currently boasts 12,000 active drivers serving over 45,000 users in their daily commute.

“We look forward to tripling our current pool of driver partners as soon as possible in the coming months,” said Pradeep.

He said GOJO has established global affiliate relationships with more than 200 mobility providers in over 300 cities, serving more than four million global travellers.

“It is part of our vision and mission to make travel seamlessly connected for not only inbound international travellers, but also outbound GOJO customers travelling elsewhere,” he added.

To find out more about GOJO, visit https://www.gojo.asia/ – Bernama