Selangau Fire station.

SIBU: The new Selangau Fire and Rescue Station which started operations on July 1 will provide 24-hour emergency response services to residents in the area.

Station chief Mohd Shukri Abdul Rahim said its 17 personnel would operate in two shifts a day.   

He added that the station would also be strengthened by 18 voluntary fire fighters by the end of this month.

“These volunteers are mostly those living in areas near Selangau who will be tasked to assist the firemen in times of fire incidents,” he said on Sunday.  

Mohd Shukri said his department had begun training the volunteers to prepare them for any emergency situations.    

He added that the fire station had not received any emergency call since it started operations on July 1.  

“Our area of coverage is from Selangau district to as far as the Sungai Arip towards Tatau and the Sekuau Scheme near Sibu. We are equipped with an FRT engine and two utility vehicles besides a rescue boat,” he explained.  

The department is in the midst of getting more machinery as well as installing fire hydrants in the Selangau area.  

“We are also conducting an area study to identify the number of longhouses in the Selangau area,” he said.

Mohd Shukri said the study was important as not all registered longhouses were accessible by road due to geographical and location factors.    

“We have to think of the best access possible before going to a specific location in case of emergency while using either land or river transport,” he added.    

He welcomed any enquiries regarding fire prevention and rescue services from the people of Selangau area.

The station can be reached at telephone number 084-891300.

“If our services are needed, we will always be ready to serve 24 hours a day,” he emphasised.