New Kelabit song Gitu’an by Alena

Alena the sape artiste.

KUCHING: Sarawak home-grown singer Alena Murang has released a brand new Kelabit song entitled Gitu’an (Stars),

Inspired by the Kelabit’s culture since time immemorial till the present, the debut single unveiled its music video premiered on YouTube at 12.30pm yesterday.

The new track refers a story of the forgotten Kelabit old cosmos beliefs.

Gitu’an, which means stars, is a reflection of who our ancestors were, and how their previous beliefs for cosmos, comprising the sky, moon, wind, stars and clouds as Kelabit cultural traits and identity.

“Although we live in different eras and environments, we (the Kelabit) are who we inherit from those who came before us, namely our forefathers,” she said in her latest announcement notification issued last Monday.

Stressing the need to preserve Sarawak intangible cultural heritage, the first female Sape professional cultural artiste said the song explained the relevance of Kelabit old beliefs to take care of the Mother Nature.

The artiste with her inspiration and song master.

“The song was initiated by our beloved Tepu’ Ngalinuh Karuh, the oldest in our tribe, a song master; who left this world two months ago. We dedicate this song to her,” she attributed.

Alena herself and her cousin Joshua Maran wrote the song lyrics and the music video was created by Max Jala.

“It took us two years to write and produce this song.

“The music video was produced by my cousin Max using generative art, a method of coding visuals that respond to sound,” Alena added.

Check out Gitu’an music video at Alena’s YouTube page at