New museum to exhibit 1,660 artefacts

Museum director, Tazudin Mohtar speaking to the reporters.

KUCHING: Sarawak Museum Department is set to exhibit over 1,660 historical artefacts and specimens in the new Sarawak Museum Complex.

Its acting director Tazudin Mohtar said the museum is now in the midst of moving and arranging the artefacts and specimens.

“The artefacts have to undergo cleaning works before being relocated to the new museum’s fourth floor,” he said when met by the media after the miring ritual ceremony of the Iban war boat, here at the Sarawak Islamic Museum on Sunday (Sept 27).

Tazudin said the 6,000-square metre exhibition will bring new experiences to visitors.

“The presentation of the history of the artefacts will take visitors on an interactive journey as they showcase Sarawak’s history and the life of its many communities,” he said.

Creating a well curated story, he added, was imperative so that the public can learn and understand the lifestyle, heritage, culture and history of the artefacts that play an important role in shaping Sarawak’s diverse ethnicities.

“Developing the exhibition’s content is vital because this museum complex will be a point of reference for researchers, especially for our young children.

“A well curated story will attract our young people to learn history and culture, thus, building a strong identity,” he added.

Tazudin also said that the museum was not only to preserve artefacts, but also cultural customs and practices.

“We are proud to see a society that is very mindful of their own cultures and customs as these cultural products are also important to attract tourists at home and abroad.

“We are the caretakers of Sarawak’s cultural heritage, which is why we have to follow the customs and beliefs of the locals.

“Also, our community likes to look at the many cultural materials displayed so that they can record memories or serve as creative inspiration,” he said.

On another note, he said the museum welcomes any historical materials and antiques to be lent, donated or handed over by sale.

“The items will have to undergo assessment to verify its authenticity and significance first,” he said.