New-normal challenges ― Teachers advised to be prepared for school

Ongoing school session amidst pandemic. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: Teachers should be innovative and creative as they may need to go through another paradigm shift in their profession, said Adam Parkash Abdullah.

The Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) president said that the upcoming school session might bring some new challenges.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) recently announced that the 2021 school year in government schools and government-assisted schools nationwide would start on January 20.

“We understand some schools may have to go on a rotation basis aided with online learning because they do not have enough classrooms to accommodate all students and teachers at one time. Teachers will have to prepare for a different teaching and learning environment.

“We cannot deny the fact that the school system now is not what it used to be but I believe that the school managements under the advice of the District Education Office (PPD) and State Education Department (JPNS) will make sure no students are left out of the education process during this pandemic period,” he said.

Adam Parkash Abdullah

Adam also said that accessibility to high-speed internet, limited spaces and the issues of assessment which were widely discussed by all were some of the challenges facing education.

On the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), he expressed his confidence that the teachers and schools were well prepared.

“The teachers are very well informed on the safety procedures and the classrooms have been arranged to accommodate teaching and learning activities. All schools have their own teams to take charge of the implementation of SOPs.

“All teachers are involved in this process and they have done a great job. Even though it is a tedious job, it is for the sake of our children,” he added.

Ahmad Malie

Sarawak Bumiputera Teacher Union (KGBS) president, Ahmad Malie also urged parents and guardians to be vigilant about the implementation of SOPs in schools.

“I hope parents and guardians will notify the school authorities if they find that there is non-compliance with the SOPs in their children’s schools. 

“I am sure relevant authorities such as the district education officers will be tasked to ensure all schools comply with the SOPs.

“I believe schools and teachers will be able to handle the new session better because we have experienced the SOPs before,” he said.