Razi (left) accompanied by Chiresly and grassroots leaders visiting the RTP site.

DEBAK: Saribas assemblyman Mohammad Razi Sitam welcomes the implementation of projects by Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKs) under the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) for 2020 worth under RM200,000.

He said now the people, through the JKKKs themselves, are given the authority to implement the RTP projects.

He said before this, there were baseless accusations made at elected representatives (YBs) on the project implementation where some people claimed that the RTP allocation went into YBs’ ‘pocket’.

“So, when there is this new policy, then the people can judge on the transparency of the implementation of projects.

“Meanwhile, we as elected representatives make full use of the allocation to cover the development that the people really need,” he said after a meeting with government agencies as well as community leaders on the status of RTP projects in Saribas.

He further explained that a project under RM200,000 can be implemented by the JKKK through the concept of gotong-royong or they appoint a contractor supervised by the Public Works Department (JKR).

“The Sarawak government is trying to strengthen the role of JKKKs as a body that manages the development of their respective villages.

“At the same time, when they are given the responsibility of implementing the projects, it is certain that the matter of dissatisfaction will not arise after that.

“I just hope that, if the JKKK intends to implement the project themselves, make sure it is done as best as possible. Comply with the specifications, time period. and remember — the funds should be managed properly,” he stressed.

However, Razi said if the JKKK does not want to implement the projects, they can submit the project implementation works to the contractor.

For the record, seven RTP projects in Saribas have gone through the tender process; 16 have been completed and are in the process of preparing the Bill of Quantities (BQ); while seven are in the planning stages.

Meanwhile, for the Saribas RTP constituency projects under the allocation of the Betong parliament, two have underwent the tender process; 10 have been completed and are in the process of preparing BQ; while four are in the planning stages.

Also present was JKR Betong Division engineer Chiresly Francis Kureng.