New U-turnings to ease 7th Mile traffic congestion

The construction of the U-turn under the Pan Borneo Highway flyover at the 7th Mile traffic-light intersection.

KUCHING: New U-turnings under the Pan Borneo Highway flyover at the 7th Mile traffic-light intersection will be made to ease traffic congestion.

MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang.

“I know the road congestion here is pretty bad. So a U-turn road will be constructed under the flyover from Serian to Kuching,” said Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang.

“Another U-turn will also be constructed on the opposite side of the traffic (from Kuching to Serian),” he added, during an inspection with representatives from the Public Works Department (JKR).

He added that the highway was still under construction, with some sections not completed and the concrete not dry yet.

However, he said the construction of the U-turns was expected to be completed by May.

“This is a permanent solution, not a temporary one. Similar to the U-turn under the flyover near the CityOne Mall, it helps ease congestion.

“I’m confident that when the flyover is completed, traffic will be smooth. Congestion will be a thing of the past.”

He also mentioned that the flyover at 4th Mile will partially open to help ease traffic jam.

“It is expected to open, maybe by this week, but one lane only.”

“It acts as a traffic diversion from Serian to Kuching to avoid road congestion at the traffic-light intersection there.

“It will not open fully because there is still work to be done on the highway.”