Juanda (third left) handing over the key to the tabika.

MUKAH: As a New Year present, residents of Jemoreng received eight Tabika Kemas buildings which were officially opened by Jemoreng assemblyman Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya.

The eight new tabika involved Kampung (Kg) Igan, Rumah Panjang (Rh) Gangga Bruan Besar Matu, Loba Balu Matu, Kg Sekaan Besar Matu, Kg Jemoreng Matu, Kg Pergau, Rh Mering, and Taman Sejahtera.

According to Juanda, the tabika infrastructure was a shared facility for the community in these areas.

“These eight tabika are for the benefit of the community and for the future generations, especially in terms of early childhood education.

“Many thanks are also given to Petronas for its contribution towards the construction of the tabika which costs RM1.12 million,” he said in a brief ceremony to hand over the tabika keys.

The project was the result of Juanda’s efforts with Petronas before the last General Election and approved in 2017, while construction commenced in 2019.

Also present was Matu District officer Wan Hipni Wan Mohamad.

Juanda (third left) handing over the key to the tabika.