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28 bleed for a good cause

MDSA councilors and staffers posing for a group photo with two blood donors during MDSA Blood Donation
Campaign held at MDSA Mini Stadium, recently.

SRI AMAN: A total of 50 people participated in a blood donation campaign organised by Sri Aman District Council (MDSA) in collaboration with local community leaders here, recently. The campaign held at MDSA Mini Stadium saw only 28 of the 50 participants eligible to donate their blood after they have been screened. “The main purpose of the campaign was to help replenish blood supply in the blood bank of Sri Aman Hospital here,” said a spokesman for the event, Councillor Tan Eng Siang.

“The campaign, which started from 8am until 2pm is considered successful as we managed to collect 24 pints of blood from the donors,” he said.In appreciation of their contribution every donor was given a 10- kg bag of rice and other items.

“It is hoped that the campaign would enhance public awareness of the importance of their role in helping patients who are in need of blood in the hospital,” Tan said. During the campaign, dental services, blood tests, heart checks and other health-related screening were also held. Also present were MDSA chairman, Richard Tawan Sedu and his deputy, Andar Suntai, Pemanca Lee Shiang Hua, MDSA councilors and staffers.

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