A Little Piz-za Heaven

THOSE opting from the PizzArt menu will also be entitled to receive a
free PizzArt pizza cutter that is available in six different colours

ABOVE & BELOW: HARD work in the kitchen of Osome Wood Fired Pizza restaurant, Kuching.

OOZING, SPRINGY, SOFT, MELTING cheese as you pull it apart, inside, the strings of the cheese hung from the left to the right, and that is one of mankind’s most fascinating use of dairy products – as one brings it closer to the mouth, it is a portrayal of a cheese well done. On March 4, Fonterra’s leading dairy food services segment, Anchor Food Professionals celebrates the festive season with a lot of ‘cheesiness’ by elevating the pleasures of pizza to a whole new level. The PizzArt campaign takes the enjoyment of pizza up a notch by infusing global food trends into local favourites.

The second PizzArt campaign follows the huge success of the first PizzArt campaign, which was carried out nationwide from May to October 2017. This round, the PizzArt campaign includes the meatendowed- cheese-oozing PizzBurger as one of its main attraction, alongside the ambitious all-meat-based UltiMeat Pizza. PizzBurger features a succulent grilled minced meat patty stuffed with Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese baked in light crust with Anchor Butter while the UltiMeat Pizza features a pizza base made entirely out of ground meat deep fried to crusty perfection before being baked with Anchor mixed cheeses on top.

Ever since its rebranding in August 2016, Anchor Food Professionals have been actively working alongside customers to bring business and product solutions that answer questions such as improving profitability and reducing waste. Among previous innovative campaigns that have made waves in the local F&B scene include Anchor’s Say Cheese and Anchor Travel Cake. Speaking at the unveiling of the second PizzArt campaign, Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia, Linda Tan said, “We want to excite the market and elevate the enjoyment of pizza by infusing global food trends into local favourites.

This round we are working with 18 outlets in Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. In Kuching, customers of Osome Wood Fired Pizza are in for a treat with these one-of-a-kind pizzas.” Starting from March 8 to 31, Osome Wood Fired Pizza, Kuching will be rolling out the Anchor’s PizzArt campaign pizzas to its customers at the price of RM 18.99 each! Those opting from the PizzArt menu will also be entitled to receive a free PizzArt pizza cutter that is available in six different colours. Linda also mentioned, “These inventive pizzas under PizzArt were conceptualised and created by our own Anchor Food Professionals’ Hot Cooking Chefs. These pizzas can only be made by kitchen crews with an advanced culinary skills, and in restaurants with pizza ovens.” Together with outlets in Peninsula and East Malaysia, Anchor Food Professionals will be introducing these creations through a nationwide campaign from December 2017 to early June 2018. The artisanal pizzas will be available in Sarawak at Osome Wood Fired Pizza in Kuching, Chillax Cafe & Bistro in Miri, Sarawak and Bistecca & Bistro, Sibu.

About Anchor Food Professionals The recently rebranded Anchor Food Professionals reflects the way the food service team are now doing business, acting as true consultants, working behind the scenes to deliver exciting new tastes and products for chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants and cafes. Speaking during the unveiling at Osome, National Sales Manager Chua Chern Shian shared that Anchor brand products are not manufactured in Malaysia as the products are shipped in from New Zealand.

“The products will be packed before shipping with hygienic procedures for safety of consumption, then it will be shipped in chilled environment, or frozen depending on products.” Once the product reached Malaysia, on an average within 3 to 4 weeks, Anchor Malaysia is responsible to make sure of its quality, ensuring that each products will have a 3 to 4 months shelf life, depending on products. Chua continued, “Anchor is one of the biggest dairy exporter in New Zealand, and we focus mainly on quality, definitely the freshness, and most importantly it is natural.”

When asked to comment on the cows the dairy products are yield from, Chua said, “A lot of people would thought that the cows eat certain ingredients but in New Zealand, most of the time, the cows are free roaming, grazing on the grass at the green field, and the quality of the grass actully depends on season. When it comes to winter, that is the only time we give them dry grass.” Chua elaborated that cows fed on dry grass will take in less nutrients as compared to cows fed on grass from the field. “However, during winter we do not have much productions because the cows would be resting as we do not want to overwork them.”

According to Chua, almost 90% of the farmers in New Zealand contributes milk to Anchor, “Fonterra is a corporation of farmers so we help them maximise the efficiency of milk the provide to us, and that is how Anchor helps in increasing the livelihood of farmers.”

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