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Baru urged to clarify RM4 billion cut from Pan Borneo budget

KUCHING: Tasik Biru Assemblyman Dato Henry Harry Jinep urged the Works Minister Baru Bian to clarify whether the state still having the RM4 billion budget for Pan Borneo Highway from the federal or not. 

He made to understand that there is a cut of RM4 billion in the original Pan Borneo budget. 

“When there is a cut, would there be any compromise on the scope of work or the scope of work has been reduced from double lane to single lane or some of the overhaul bridges are removed.

“We need him to clarify — it is true that the RM4 billion has been taking out from the Pan Borneo budget?” he stressed when met by reporters at the State Assembly (DUN) sitting yesterday. 

He stressed if the government taking out RM4 billion from the Pan Borneo and at the same time the Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng gave Sarawak the other RM4 billion budget, that’s mean the state got nothing from the budget. 

Earlier in his debate speech, Henry proposed the state civil servants to be given a one-off incentive payment in December this year amounting to RM2000 each, irrespective of grades. 

“This incentive payment will hopefully lessen the burden of parents whose children will be attending schools, colleges and universities in 2019,” he explained. 

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